Chemcolour Australia

Australian Manufacturing Capabilities

Chemcolour Australia is a leading manufacturer of chemicals for both the Australian and selected export markets.

Chemcolour Australia’s manufacturing base is located in the western suburbs of Sydney. Application and development laboratories are located in both Melbourne and Sydney.

Chemcolour also undertakes contract manufacture for a number of well known companies.

Chemcolour Australia’s manufacture is primarily undertaken is the following areas:

  • Fine aqueous emulsion manufacture using pressure homogenisation
  • High speed dispersion including surface coating processing / formulation
  • Hot melt blending and formulation of waxes and polymeric additives
  • Liquid blending / mixing for aqueous and solvent based products
  • Liquid/liquid and liquid/solid reactions with heating/cooling for aqueous and solvent based products
  • Milling and suspension concentrate processing /formulation
  • Pigment dispersions manufacture using bead milling and high speed dispersion

            Supporting this manufacturing are:

            • Application laboratories to support our customers in most industries
            • Established confidentiality agreements and reputation
            • Licenses to produce products from a number of international chemical companies
            • Ongoing capital expenditure programme for production facilities and equipment
            • Quality control, research and development staff located onsite in well-equipped laboratory facilities

                      The Manufacturing has the following certifications:

                      • Active member of the PACIA Regulatory Affairs Group
                      • Certified Bulk storage capability for Dangerous Goods and other materials
                      • Certified to ISO 9001:2008
                      • Participates in PACIA Responsible Care Programme
                      • Plant compliant with Intrinsically Safe Zone 1, Class 1 Manufacturing.
                      • Site approved by Workcover and NSW EPA to store and handle DG classes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and C1 and C2 materials
                      • Pollution Incident Response Plan in place

                                For any Contract Manufacturing requirements please feel free to contact us for a confidential discussion.